Our Healing Crystals are intended as beautiful keepsakes. 

Please do not use crystals as a substitute for modern medicine.

If you have an illness or need medical attention, please ALWAYS take the expert advice of your doctor.

Healing with Crystals and using alternative remedies are a complementary therapy and do not use your crystals as a replacement for any medical treatment or therapy you may be undertaking.

We do not make any claim to cure or heal any ailment you may have. We do not guarantee any results or claims.

Each crystal that is shown in the picture is for illustrative purposes only.

You will receive a crystal chosen at random. All sizes and weights are approximate.

As your crystal is a natural product there may be a few imperfections. This is perfectly normal.

This disclaimer applies to any information, any Crystal or any product sold or gifted by LuxeLumination. 

Thank you.