How to cleanse your Crystals

When you receive your beautiful crystals, it is a good idea to cleanse them before you first start using them. Crystals pick up energy and before you received them they may have been handled by many different people, with all different energies. 

Any Crystals you receive from LuxeLumination will be cleansed before sending out to you. Our favourite methods are using the Full Moon to cleanse and charge and also we use a Sage smudge stick.

There are a different few ways in which you can cleanse your crystal. 

Some Crystals can’t be cleansed with water so the easiest way is to leave your crystals out in the full moon, on your windowsill will suffice, but if you can leave them outside over night, weather depending then this is a good idea.

Repeat the cleansing process at regular intervals, or whenever you feel like your Crystal needs a cleanse. If you use your Crystal for a Reiki session or for use on another person then please use one of the methods below to cleanse your Crystal afterwards. 

Selenite Method

If you would like to use Selenite to charge your crystals, simply pop your Crystals onto the Selenite plate or into the bowl and leave the crystals you wish to charge on top/inside of the Selenite. A good amount of time is to leave them on the Selenite for 24 hours.

Cleansing Crystals Selenite Bowl

Smudge Stick Method

 You can use a Sage smudge stick to cleanse your Crystal, light the Sage, blow out any flame and let the smoke envelope your Crystal to clear any unwanted energies.

Earth Method

Bury your Crystals in the Earth, if safe to do and leave them over night to cleanse.

Brown Rice Method

One way to cleanse your crystal is to use dry uncooked brown rice. Rice is said to balance the negative energies and harmonise any unwanted energy in your crystal that may have occurred over time. First you fill a bowl with dry brown rice then place your crystal inside the bowl, buried deep into the rice, making sure the crystal is fully covered. Leave the crystal in the bowl of rice overnight.

Full Moon Method

Every full moon place your crystals somewhere where the moons light will cleanse them. You can either place them outside in the earth or if it is raining or not suitable to leave them outside, on your windowsill where the moonlight casts down, this will suffice. 

Water Method

Not all Crystals can be cleansed this way, please ensure it is safe to allow your Crystal near Water. If your Crystal is allowed to be near water, run a tap or hold into a stream and let the water cleanse your Crystal. As a rule of thumb any Crystal that ends in 'ite' shouldn't be anywhere near water as it will dissolve. Please do full research before placing any Crystal near water. (Including Salt water).


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