Healing Crystals

Strength - Tigers eye 


Tigers Eye is a mesmerising yellow & brown tumble stone. This crystal can help grow your confidence, can assist you in finding the courage to over come your fears and enables you to focus on what you want most. Can also help with your self esteem and self expression. Tigers Eye inspires and motivates. Works well with Citrine. Keep this crystal somewhere in your home where you can see it as a daily reminder that you are strong. Used for the Solar plexus chakra. 



Balance - Red Jasper 


Red Jasper is a stunning deep red crystal. It has healing and calming properties. It can help keep you grounded, brings balance to your life, both emotionally and physical. Used to stimulate your energy. Can help bring passion into your life. Red Jasper is a protective stone, reminding you, that you are a Warrior. Used for the Root chakra. 



Protection - Hematite 


Hematite is a powerful, protective gemstone. It brings courage and strength. Can assist in transforming negative energy into positive energy. Helps provide concentration, memory and focus. Hematite enables feelings of safety and security. It has a mesmerising, dark metallic shine. Keep this stone close to you to remind you that you are always protected. Used for the Root chakra. 


Love - Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is a stunning Pink crystal to encourage unconditional love. Promoting hope, compassion, kindness and friendship. Keep this crystal close to you to help with self healing. Works well with Clear Quartz & Amethyst crystals. Used for the Heart chakra.



Heal - Clear Quartz 


Clear Quartz is a beautiful, Milky White / Clear crystal to encourage healing, protection, clarity of thought and cleansing. Keep this crystal close to you to assist in the healing process. Clear Quartz amplifies the energy of other crystals and is self cleansing. Works with all other crystals. Used for the Crown chakra. 



Calm - Amethyst 


Amethyst crystal is a beautiful deep purple. Can help reducing anxiety and stress ensuring you keep calm when you need to the most. Helps with meditation and manifestation. Promotes safe travels. Use when meditating or take this crystal with you on your next trip. Works well with Clear Quartz. Used for the Third Eye & Crown chakras. 



Positivity - Calcite 


Orange Calcite can inspire and provide positivity in your life. Helps with creativity and strengthens self belief. Improves your energy levels, alertness, increases vitality and can lift your spirits. Boots confidence, and self esteem. Keep this crystal close to you to remind you to be positive and strong when you need it the most. Used for the Sacral Chakra.



Transformation - Malachite


A mesmerising deep, green crystal, Malachite can help absorb negative, toxic energies helping bring calm and balance to your life. It can guard you from any negativity making you feel happier and more at peace, stabilising your mood. It can encourage change, risk taking and help with positive transformation. Used for the Heart chakra.


Inspiration - Moonstone


A beautiful inspirational gemstone, it is soothing & relaxing, carrying the powerful energy of the moon. It can help inspire you with your inner growth. Enhances your intuition and if you are feeling a little lost, it can help reconnect you and helps guide you to a calmer path. It promotes success and good luck. Used for the Sacral Chakra.  


Happiness - Citrine


Just like a ray of sunshine this gorgeous stone radiates happiness. It can help you feel better, revitalises the mind, help bring abundance and positivity into your life. It provides energy and warmth, just like the suns rays. A fantastic little stone to help boost confidence. Used for the Solar Plexus chakra. 



Cleanse - Selenite 


Named after the Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Selenite is ideal for cleansing, purifying and helping clear negativity and it helps to disperse any tension. Brings peace & calmness to your home. It is the perfect crystal to to cleanse your other crystals. Used for the Crown Chakra.



Courage - Blue Lace Agate 


This beautiful Sky Blue crystal is excellent for communication, it encourages you to speak out and to speak the truth. It’s fantastic at helping to melt away any fears you may have. Supports friendships & relationships. It can help promote positive thinking and forgiveness. Used for the Throat Chakra. 


Confidence - Labradorite 


This magical crystal is wonderful to help ease any anxiety and assists with overcoming your greatest fears. Dispersing any feelings of insecurity, stress and apprehension. Can help calm an overactive mind. Keep this crystal close to you to remind you of your self confidence. Used for the Third Eye & the Crown chakra. 


Success - Lapis Lazuli 


This stunning deep blue crystal encourages you take charge of your own life. Assisting in confidence, communication, creativity and empowerment it helps you achieve your dreams. It can give you the clarity you need to use your inner wisdom to bring accomplishment to the goals in your life. Used for the Throat Chakra.


Peace - Opal Pink 


This beautiful Pink crystal helps clear the mind with its calming, gentle, soothing properties. Encourages peace & tranquility. Assists in healing from emotional trauma and helps release feelings of stress and anxiety. Gently releases anger, encouraging compassion. Brings a sense of hope and fills your heart with Love. Used for the Heart Chakra.


Serenity - Opalite 


A beautiful pearly, white Crystal. Can be useful when experiencing times of change or upheaval. Assists with healing and helps you find your inner strength. Enables you to transition easily. It is a perfect choice to help with meditation. Used for the Crown & Third Eye Chakra.


Clarity - Angel Aura Quartz


A wonderful Crystal filled with iridescent shimmering rainbows which can help with mental clarity and assists with lifting your spirits. Bringing peace and balance to everyday life. A useful crystal to work with to purify, balance and stimulate your Chakras. Helps cleanse your Aura. 



De-Stress - Green Amazonite


A wonderful Crystal for soothing and eliminating stress. Helps assist with getting rid of negative thoughts. Dispels any negative energy. An ideal crystal for manifesting love and balance into your life. Used for the Heart Chakra.


Luck - Green Aventurine


This lucky crystal helps bring good fortune, opportunity and success into your life. It can also assist with happiness and courage. An excellent choice of crystal to use when manifesting. It is also a great Crystal to work with for dissolving any stress and helps bring a sense calmness to any situation. Used for the Heart Chakra.